Mighty Matcha vs Regular Green Tea

When you drink regular green tea, you boil water, pour it over a teabag or tea leaves and then throw away the leaves and drink the water. That’s a bit like dipping an orange in water and saying you’re drinking orange juice…

Mighty Matcha is made by grinding up the green tea leaves into a fine powder. This means that instead of throwing away all of the goodness, you’re drinking it. As a result, you would have to drink 15 cups of regular green tea to get the same goodness from just one cup of Mighty Matcha.¹

Metabolism Boosting

The antioxidant found within Mighty Matcha is known as ‘Epigallocatechin gallate’, which has luckily been abbreviated to ‘EGCG’ if you were panicking about trying to tell your friends about it!

Studies have shown that EGCG encourages excess carbohydrates to go straight to your muscles where they are used as energy rather than being stored as fat.² Another study showed that EGCG actually helps to kill off old, stubborn fat cells.³

And if that wasn’t enough, a further study revealed that drinking green tea can raise your daily energy expenditure because it has a ‘thermogenic’ effect when consumed.⁴

All great news if you’re keen on shifting a few excess pounds!

Rich in Antioxidants

Mighty Matcha really is mighty… In fact one study showed that Matcha contains 137x the antioxidants of regular green tea.⁵ Laboratory research also shows just how effective the antioxidants are in Matcha compared to other superfoods.

Extremely Energising & Calming

Ever feel the need for an energy boost? Mighty Matcha contains two proteins, ‘L-theanine’ and ‘theophylline.’ L-theanine stimulates your alpha brain waves (The ones that make you feel calm, alert and energised).⁶ Both of these proteins combine with the natural green tea caffeine to give you a 3-6 hour energy boost, which is much longer than coffee. For centuries, Buddhist monks have drunk Matcha before meditating to improve concentration and relaxation.

Consuming L-theanine is also very useful if you need to concentrate for long periods of time. It has been proven to encourage concentration as well as improve learning performance.⁷

Additionally, because Mighty Matcha is the highest grade of matcha available (ceremonial grade), the content of L-teanine and theophylline is much higher than in the lower grades of Matcha. Also this is why Mighty Matcha has a much sweeter flavour than some inferior ‘bitter’ tasting brands of Matcha.

Happy Healthy Skin

Beautiful skin is a lovely thing. So when we heard that the polyphenols found within green tea can help to inhibit UV skin damage, we thought we better let you know too. The study we found revealed that polyphenols can be effective at preventing sun induced skin disorders!⁸

Supercharged Health

Every day we are told we should ‘eat healthier’ and live a ‘healthy’ lifestyle but what does this really mean?

Well, by introducing Mighty Matcha into your daily diet, you’ll be giving your health a big helping hand. Scientists have suggested that high consumption of green tea “may actively protect against cardiovascular disease.”⁹ By ‘high consumption’ they meant 10+ cups of regular green tea every day. It’s pretty difficult to drink 10 cups of green tea in a day but you don’t have to! One cup of Mighty Matcha is equivalent to 15+ cups of regular green tea.


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