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Amazingly healthy, 100% natural organic matcha tea

Mighty Matcha is made from 100% purely ground green tea leaves. The process is a fine art - For centuries, our farmers have continued the ancient techniques used by their ancestors to produce exceptional, organic matcha tea.

Increased energy levels, better mood and enhanced memory

Boosts metabolism to aid with weight loss

Packed full of antioxidants to supercharge your immune system

Helps to detoxify the body for glowing healthy skin

…and many more benefits.

100% organic, natural matcha green tea

more potent
than regular green tea.
the antioxidants
of regular green tea.
the antioxidants
of orange juice.

Single Tin


1 x 30g tin (30 cups)

Foil sealed for freshness, our Mighty Matcha tea is powdered and can be drunk hot or cold. You can also sprinkle it onto your morning museli, knock up a very healthy greens juice blend or even use it for baking.

Triple Pack


3 x 30g tin (90 cups)

Our special 3 for 2 tin deal is for the true Mighty Matcha lovers. You'll have enough Mighty Matcha green tea to qualify as a true matcha connoisseur.

Six Pack


6 x 30g tin (180 cups)

Need some Mighty Matcha in bulk? No Problem! Our awesome 6 pack is currently ON OFFER. Pay just £39.99 instead of £75.00 to get 6 tins of Mighty Matcha Tea.

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Securely sealed for freshness

We use high grade, aluminium containers that lock in the freshness of your Mighty Matcha tea. This helps to preserve the natural green goodness. If that wasn’t enough, we also seal Mighty Matcha at source into aluminium foil sachets. This means that every tin of Mighty Matcha is double sealed for freshness! The end result? Exceptionally healthy and amazingly tasty tea.