100% organic, natural matcha green tea

more potent
than regular green tea.
the antioxidants
of regular green tea.
the antioxidants
of orange juice.

Amazingly healthy, 100% natural organic matcha tea

Mighty Matcha is made from 100% purely ground green tea leaves. The process is a fine art - For centuries, our farmers have continued the ancient techniques used by their ancestors to produce exceptional, organic matcha tea.

Rich in quality, rich in history

The process starts in Asia, in a region renowned for its perfect tea growing climate. Expert farmers carefully plant and nurture the green tea bushes. To achieve the brilliantly bright green colour and fantastic flavour of Mighty Matcha, the tea bushes are shaded during their growth. This encourages them to grow even greener and supercharges the nutritional content.

Our farmers hand pick only the finest leaves to produce Mighty Matcha tea. The leaves have their stalks and veins removed to eliminate any bitterness. Afterwards, the pure leaf is dried and ground, using traditional stone mills. The end result is Mighty Matcha - Award winning green tea bursting with flavour.

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Packed full of tasty goodness

A cup of Mighty Matcha gives you all of the amazing health benefits associated with green tea. You would have to drink 15 cups of regular tea to get the same amount of nutrients from just one cup of Mighty Matcha!

Every cup of Mighty Matcha is naturally loaded with 137 times more antioxidants than a cup of regular green tea. Pretty handy if you drink green tea for the health benefits...

Discover Mighty Matcha's Health Benefits 

The effectiveness of antioxidants in superfoods...
(Conducted by Brunswick laboratories)
Acai Berry
Goji Berry
Mighty Matcha

Oh that’s green!

What colour should green tea be? Green! But most aren’t. Mighty Matcha is very green... the way green tea should be.

Inferior green tea on the other hand tends to look murky and brown. Give your health a helping hand and opt for organic Mighty Matcha instead!

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Securely sealed for freshness

We use high grade, aluminium containers that lock in the freshness of your Mighty Matcha tea. This helps to preserve the natural green goodness. If that wasn’t enough, we also seal Mighty Matcha at source into aluminium foil sachets. This means that every tin of Mighty Matcha is double sealed for freshness! The end result? Exceptionally healthy and amazingly tasty tea.