About Us

In the beginning...

The year was 2011; four crazy tea lovers united and Mighty Matcha was born. Since then we have been very busy selling tea.

The Mighty Matcha Mission

When we first spotted Matcha, we realised that most people tend to drink green tea for the health benefits.  If you're going to drink something for the health benefits, then it makes sense to drink the best stuff you can find yeah?  Well that was our thought process too!

We are avid Mighty Matcha drinkers ourselves and ever since we founded Mighty Matcha, it's just impossible to get any enjoyment from drinking the plain old boring green teas that are served up in most cafés!

So our mission is to introduce this beautiful beverage to as many people as we can.  For too long, Matcha has been unknown to the Western world and it's our aim to change that.