Green Tea Matcha

Green tea Matcha has a long history. It was founded in the Tang Dynasty in China, is a staple of the Japanese tea ceremony, and is enjoyed all over the world. In this post, we are going to provide you with an insight into how Matcha is prepared in its traditional form.

To prepare Matcha green tea authentic style, you will need some traditional utensils. This includes a Chasen, Chashaku, and Chawan. A chasen is known as a tea whisk. It is one of a kind, compromised of approximately 120 pliable bamboo tines. A Chashaku is a bamboo scoop. It is ideal for scooping Matcha powder because it has a curved end. Chawan is a tea bowl; basically, it is a medium size bowl that can come in many shapes and sizes, but generally the walls are rounded. You will also need a container so you can get rid of waste water as well as some paper towels.

Now you are ready to prepare the Matcha. You will need to your Teaware. Begin by grabbing your chawan and pouring hot water inside, after which use the chasen to whisk the water. This makes the tines more flexible. After this, get rid of the water by pouring it into the container. Grab a paper towel and dry the bowl.

The next step is to brew the Matcha. You should use the chashaku to get two scoops of Matcha green tea powder and place it in the bowl. After this, pour 70ml of hot water into the bowl. You should then use the chasen to whisk the Matcha. Use your left hand to steady the bowl while you whisk with your right hand. Use a linear, back-and-forth motion. Once you notice the Matcha foaming, you should then switch to a ‘M’ pattern. And, there you go, traditional green tea Matcha!