Where To Get Matcha Powder Plus The Importance Of Sourcing With Care

Where to get Matcha powder is an important topic of discussion. Matcha powder is increasing in popularity as of late, as more and more people realise the benefits that are associated with it. Nevertheless, because of this, there are more and more companies cropping up that are looking to capitalise on the popularity of Matcha powder by selling a poor quality product and making a higher profit.

To understand this, you need to realise that all Matcha is not the same. There is a great degree of variation in terms of quality. There are a very small number of retailers that sell a different type of green tea and try to pass it off as Matcha. You will usually find that this takes place on auction sites with individual sellers trying their luck, as it can be harder to trace who is selling the product. This is why you should never purchase Matcha from an auction website. More commonly, there are sellers that try to offload Matcha that is already past its best, as well as Matcha branches and the stems that have been ground into a powder along with the leaves. These should never be included, and they can cause the Matcha to become a brown, yellow or murky green colour, so you will immediately be able to tell if this is what you have received. The best way to ensure you end up with quality Matcha tea is to be diligent when purchasing. Read reviews and look for other signs of quality, such as awards and recognition.

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