Pure Matcha Green Tea – What Is Ceremonial Grade Matcha?

Pure Matcha green tea comes in many different forms and grades. It is important to be aware of this when purchasing as you don’t want to end up selecting the wrong product. Generally speaking, you have two key options to select from when buying Matcha – ceremonial Matcha and cooking grade Matchas. We are going to reveal a bit more about the higher grade of this tea below.

Most people prefer to invest in ceremonial green tea Matcha, and this is because it is of the highest quality and it is suitable for everyday drinking. Of course, you can incorporate it into cooking too. But when creating a Matcha beverage, it is even more important to choose high levels of quality. You don’t get better than ceremonial Matcha and this is emphasised by the fact that this version of Matcha is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. This quality of Matcha should be powdery, very finely ground, and boast a bright spring green shade. If it has a slightly yellow colour and feels coarse, you definitely do not have ceremonial grade Matcha on your hands. Ceremonial Matcha is also delicious enough to be enjoyed on its own. You can simply mix it with hot water and consume it as it is; it does not need any sweeteners or additions. Another point worth bearing in mind is that you only require about half a teaspoon of ceremonial grade Matcha when making a cup of tea. You will need more than this when using a lower grade of Matcha. Therefore, while ceremonial Matcha may be more expensive to buy initially, it will last you a lot longer, and thus the cost will even out over time.

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