Single Stick (3g)

3 Cups of Mighty Matcha


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    Take these sticks to work with me. Great taste and after only 2 weeks I could feel the difference.

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    The single stick is perfect for me to take to work. My order came in 3 days from ordering and great value too.

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I’m great for the body - Thanks to the fact I contain over 137x more antioxidants than regular green tea! This helps you to detox, lose weight and feel great.

I’m great for the mind - I contain a compound called L-Theanine which reduces anxiety and works with caffeine to create a pleasant, even release of energy. This makes me the ultimate replacement for coffee!

I’m versatile - I’ve been used in warm tea, iced tea, smoothies, protein shakes, cakes and even cocktails!

I’m great for the wallet - My RRP is substantially better than any of my comparable competitors, which makes me much more accessible!

Mighty Matcha Triple Pack