Matcha Powder – What’s It About?

Matcha powder is the green stuff that has taken the world by storm. It has come a long way from its origins in Tang Dynasty China almost a millennium and a half ago. Today, it is a global health phenomenon. It can lay claim to being affective in battling cancers, viruses and heart disease, and it is also helps you lose weight. Matcha is the holy grail of good health and wellbeing, but you can’t go buying any old green looking powder. In order to get all the great benefits and enjoy Matcha’s fantastic taste, you need to find a quality product.

A Quick Background, Matcha In A Few Minutes

If you are asking yourself, ‘where can I buy Matcha powder?’ You need to first know the basics. It’s just like wine, or any product for that matter. In order to identify the best quality product on the market, you need to know the basics. Knowledge is power, and knowing what to look out for can give you the edge in finding something worth the price, well produced and made from quality ingredients. For starters, Matcha powder is not your bog standard tea. It is made from a special tea bush that is grown under shade. This shading boosts the levels of chlorophyll in the plant, which in turn boosts levels of certain amino acids, namely theanine. This is the element responsible for some of the health benefits of Matcha tea, for example, the incredible calming and energising effect that Matcha has. Theanine affects your alpha brain waves, leading to increased concentration and calmness. So in looking for quality tea, you should look at sourcing, to see whether the tea is made from leaves that are grown in the traditional manner by expert growers. When on your search to buy Matcha green tea powder UK, you should also consider the processing of the tea. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean processing in the usual sense, with scary chemicals and complicated procedures. All tea is processed in that it is dried. So too is Matcha tea, but it is also de-veined, and de-stemmed to remove these sources of bitterness. So expertly handled Matcha is also essential to quality.

Where To Get Matcha Powder Of The Top Quality

Once you have familiarised yourself with the basics of Matcha, you still might be wondering where to get Matcha powder that’s really at top of its game. The taste of Matcha can be quite strong and for this reason, a few companies tend to put too much sugar in their powder recipe. This can not only affect the taste, but also could be seen to defeat the purpose of drinking Matcha for all its health benefits. You’ll obviously be concerned about buying tasty Matcha, and it’s worth looking at the recipe of the product you are buying. Also, look at Matcha green tea powder reviews, other people can taste before you buy, and could save you some wasted money. Some companies have even received awards for the taste of their Matcha, and it is worth looking out for these particularly reputable sources. It is important to find Matcha powder that is sourced from only the best tea leaves, is expertly handled and freshly sealed. Matcha powder goes stale very quickly, and improper packaging can ruin an otherwise perfect tea. For this reason, you should look for Matcha powder that is packaged in aluminium containers, ideally using foil sachets to really lock in that just ground fresh taste. It sounds like a small thing, but you wouldn’t buy rotten meat, even if it was a top quality cut of steak! Bearing all this in mind, Mighty Matcha provides the best Matcha powder on the market by a long way.

Get The Best Matcha Powder At Mighty Matcha

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