Matcha Green Tea Has A Long History

Matcha green tea has many more health benefits than regular black tea. The British are a nation of tea drinkers. When there’s a crisis, the first thing thousands of us do is put the kettle on. During advertisement breaks in popular TV programmes, the nation’s electricity usage spikes as we quickly make a hot cup of black tea with milk before the next part of the show or sports’ match. It seems we need no excuse to enjoy a cup of hot n’ milky, but what about when we fancy something different? Do you think it is time for a change to Matcha?

Matcha Is Made With Care Under Shade

Matcha organic green tea is normally grown in China or Japan. “Cha” means tea in Japanese and “ma” means powder so the word means exactly that, powdered green tea. The green tea bushes are carefully nurtured during their growth. The key to the intense green of Matcha organic green tea powder is lots of shade. The tea farmers carefully shade the tea plants as they grow, which encourages their deep green colour and boosts their nutrient levels. Once picked with the veins and stalks taken off; the finest leaves are dried and ground in a stone mill. There are different grades of Matcha tea, with ceremonial grade being the highest, followed by café, kitchen and classic. The lower levels are generally used in cooking or blended drinks, with the higher levels meant for drinking tea on its own. The tea flavour becomes sweeter the higher the grade of beverage you drink. It’s believed that green tea first came to Japan from China, brought by the Zen monk Eisai in 1191 AD. This monk was the founder of the Zen philosophy and was also the first person to drink ground green tea leaves. Drinking green tea, and the art of the tea ceremony, are closely linked together and celebrate how ordinary things can be quite beautiful. Fast forward to modern day, and there’s no question that those already drinking green tea as a powder see it as an important ritual in their everyday life, helping them feel better, every step of the way.

Japanese Green Tea Matcha Style Is Best

Powdered Matcha green tea has a long history, but never has it been so relevant to today’s lifestyles. We are so busy working, looking after children, travelling and socialising that we often forget about nurturing and caring for our bodies. The ancient Buddhist monks knew what caring for yourself meant – daily meditation, regular exercise, spiritual growth and of course, the right food and drink. Zen principals include being present in every moment and having total harmony between the body and the mind. Drinking Japanese Matcha green tea every day can cleanse, calm and nourish us in both body and mind. It can also protect against many of the modern-day illnesses that affect us. One cup of Matcha green tea is equivalent to 15 cups of ordinary green tea, as the antioxidants are so concentrated in the powder. These antioxidants, contained and concentrated in Matcha green tea, have the potential to fight cancer, according to some research. The EGCG antioxidant in the tea could kill cancerous cells and also inhibit tumours. As green tea drinking increases in popularity, it becomes difficult to know which brand to buy; there are so many now on the market. If you are looking for a ceremonial grade tea that has won awards, including Gold in the Great Taste Awards 2012, then Mighty Matcha should be your first choice. Winning this award, that is given to only the finest foods and drink on the market, demonstrates just how delicious this powdered, organic drink is.

For The Best Matcha Green Tea, Choose Mighty Matcha

Mighty Matcha was started up by, as we put it, ‘four crazy tea lovers’ in 2011. We all love drinking this very special tea for its’ health benefits and wanted to create a brand that sold the very best grade Matcha green tea available. The powdered tea is available in a range of package sizes including 30g tins, and there’s even single serving sachets for slipping in your bag when out and about. Visit for more information. Or you can contact us by email at or call +44 (0) 1702 861 988 to make your selection. Make a change, and start living well with Matcha. You’ll notice a big difference.