Matcha Green Tea Powder – What’s All the Fuss About?

Matcha green tea powder has exploded into the market in recent years. The world has gone absolutely crazy for this fine green powder. Chefs are putting it in everything from brownies to soups, and cafes across the world are serving it in coffee and tea. Matcha has become a must for the health conscious and for those aspiring to ultimate wellness. If you have tried it already, you will also know that it is very tasty indeed. But if you have joined the party a little late, and have no idea what Matcha powder actually is. Here is a little information about the wonders of the green stuff, and where to find it.

What is Matcha?

Simply put, Matcha green tea powder is ground up green tea. However, this simple explanation hardly does the product justice. So, less simply put, Matcha starts off life on specially shade-grown tea plants that are also used to make another special tea product called ‘gyokuro’. Tea bushes are covered up to protect them from the effect of direct sunlight. This special process leads to great tasting green tea Matcha powder because it slows down the growth of the tea bushes, and stimulates an increase in the plant’s chlorophyll levels. ‘How does this make great tasting tea?’ I hear you ask. Well, all that extra chlorophyll turns the leaves a delicious shade of dark green. It also means they are packed with a great deal of extra amino acids, specifically the chemical theanine. Not only does this give it it’s unique great flavour, it also has incredible mental health benefits, including calming and centring the mind. But, a shaded tea bush does not make green tea powder Matcha on its own. First, the tea leaves are laid out to dry in the hot sun. Once the tea leaves are dry, the bitter stems and veins are removed from the leaf. Once the leaves are de-veined and de-stemmed, they are ground up with a stone into the naturally bright green powder we know and love as Matcha.

How Do I Use Green Matcha Tea Powder?

This is all very well and good, but if you are unfamiliar with green Matcha tea powder, you might not know how to unleash its mega load of good taste and health benefits. You’re probably used to dunking tea bags, but Matcha is a little different. The use of Matcha goes all the way back to Tang Dynasty China in the 7th Century. During this time, tea leaves were packed into huge bricks for ease of storage. They didn’t make Matcha brownies in Tang Dynasty China, instead they broke off a bit of tea and pulverized it into a powder. This powder was then mixed with hot water and a little salt in order to make a delicious brew. It became an important part of Zen Buddhist practice in China and in Japan, and elaborate tea ceremonies grew up around the ritual. Today, the process has not changed all that much; you can still make a simple Matcha tea with hot water and some delicious Chinese or Japanese Matcha green tea powder. But, today we also employ Matcha in a host of delicious food and drink recipes, from tasty smoothies to mouth-watering cakes. But, where can you get hold of this awesome powder and know that you are going to get the quality and benefits you have come to expect? At the award winning Mighty Matcha of course.

Shop With Mighty Matcha For Award Winning Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha green tea powder is not only tasty, it is also incredibly good for you and a little a day can have great benefits. This is just one of the reasons why it was venerated by Zen monks for so many centuries, and continues to be applauded across the globe today. At Mighty Matcha, we sell only the finest quality Matcha and we do so at a thoroughly agreeable price. Not only do we sell natural, organic Matcha, rich in quality and rich in history, we do so in a range of sizes and weights to suit every type of shopper. Contact us at or phone +44 (0) 1702 861 988. Better yet, head over to and check out our Matcha; you can also find lots of useful tea related information and recipes on our website.