Japanese Green Tea Matcha – The History Of Matcha Green Tea

Japanese green tea Matcha has been around for a lot longer than most people realise. Because this product is receiving increased attention all over the world as of late, many people have assumed that it is a new phenomenon. However, this could not be further from the truth. Matcha green tea has been consumed for thousands of years. Read on to discover more about its history below.

Matcha has long been used by monks in Japan as a way to increase their focus and enhance relaxation during long periods of sitting. However, the origins can be traced back to the Chinese Tang Dynasty. The Zen monks are credited with turning green leaves into a powder form, which is what Matcha is. They discovered how to pulverise green tea leaves so that it could then be dried into brick form. This made it extremely convenient and it meant that green tea could now be transported more easily. All they needed to do was break a piece of green tea off and stir it into hot water. Nevertheless, while Chinese Zen monks stumbled across this process, it is Japan that has a strong connection with Matcha tea. This tradition has been on-going since Eisai Myoan, a Japanese monk, brought the custom to the country in the 1100s. This lead to the creation of chanoyu, which is the Japanese tea ceremony. This is a ritual that is all about respect, grace, and good etiquette. It still takes place today; and Matcha is as popular in Japan as it ever has been.

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