Green Tea Matcha – The Truth Behind The Hype

Green tea Matcha is the drink of choice for wellness experts and aspiring health gurus across the world. But why is that the case? By now, you’ve probably heard a little bit about the light green powder that is taking the world by storm. You probably already know that it’s a product made from ground up leaves that have grown on a specially shaded tea bush. You probably even know that Matcha has its origins in Tang Dynasty China almost a millennium and a half ago. But, do you know why everyone is going absolutely crazy for this beautiful green powder?

Is Matcha Really That Good For You?

The reason everybody is going nuts over green tea Matcha is that it is incredibly good for you. Standard green tea, the sort that you dunk into hot water, or use loose in a tea pot, contains things called catechins. These are polyphenol compounds, which are a type of antioxidant. But Matcha powder tea contains a lot more of these catechins. While you throw away the health giving leaves after you’ve brewed a regular cup of green tea, pure Matcha green tea is made from the ground up leaves themselves, meaning you don’t waste any of the good stuff. Matcha tea also has more of a catechin called EGCG that is linked to fighting cancer, viruses and heart disease. One study shows that Matcha contains as much as 137 times the level of antioxidants of normal green tea. But, the health benefits do not stop there. Another reason that health and nutrition experts really love Matcha green tea is because the stuff is incredibly energizing and calming. If you are need of an energy boost, but don’t need any of the jitters that coffee might give you, Matcha is your stuff. It contains two important proteins called L-theanine and theophylline. L-theanine stimulates your alpha brain waves, which makes you feel a lot more calm, energised and alert. Matcha gives you a longer and calmer energy buzz than coffee and Buddhist monks have drunk it for centuries to improve their concentration for meditation. After knowing this, you can probably understand why there is so much Matcha green tea for sale on the market.

Using Matcha Green Tea For Weight Loss

Another big reason people are going crazy for Matcha is because they are using Matcha green tea for weight loss. This seems to work because Matcha is packed so full of the EGCG that was talked about earlier. Not only are these catechins really good at combatting all kinds of scary diseases, they also seem to help you burn fat. Studies show that EGCG encourages the excess carbohydrates to head over to your muscles where they can be burned off, rather than going straight to your belly or thighs and being stored as fat. Other studies also demonstrated that EGCG has a direct impact in killing fat cells, targeting the problem at its source. Drinking green tea can also raise your energy expenditure on a day to day basis because of its ‘thermogenic’ effect. Other fantastic health benefits of Matcha tea include its effect on your skin. Beautiful skin can take decades off your appearance and nothing makes for an old looking face like sun damage from UV rays. But have no fear, the polyphenols in Matcha green tea UK actually help inhibit this kind of UV damage and they can lend a helping hand in avoiding sun induced skin disorders. To get the same results from regular green tea, you’d need to consume far more liquid than you could probably manage in a day – with Matcha, one cup will do. The only obvious question left is where to buy green tea Matcha. The answer is obvious – Mighty Matcha is the place to go.

Buy Super Healthy Green Tea Matcha From Mighty Matcha

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