By now we are sure you know the full benefits of matcha for your body; It is the best source of antioxidants found in nature, it boosts metabolism and it makes you feel great! But have you considered Mighty Matcha can make an amazing addition to your beauty regime? Here are just a few snippets of the brilliant ways Mighty Matcha can not only make you feel great but look great too.

Improves complexion & promotes healthy skin

As we all know matcha is full of antioxidants. When you drink Mighty Matcha these skin-boosting antioxidants, catechins and vitamins can smooth your complexion, protect your body from free radicals that age the skin, and lower inflammation which can reduce breakouts!

Offers anti-aging properties

The same antioxidants, catechins and vitamins that benefit your skin in so many ways have also been found to reduce cell degeneration and to slow aging! Studies have also shown facial scrubs and creams containing matcha offer significant potential to increase the elasticity of the skin which can prevent wrinkles and sagging.

Makes your hair look GREAT

Mighty Matcha contains a compound called B Vitamin panthenol (perhaps you remember Pantene pro-v?), which has been shown to control split ends, strengthen hair and stimulate the hair follicle - helping you to grow healthy hair!

So with all these awesome benefits in mind we will be creating some DIY beauty scrubs and face creams for you all to enjoy, starting with The Matcha Breakfast Scrub