Best Green Tea Matcha – How To Tell If You Have Purchased The Best Matcha

Best green tea Matcha is a must if you want to experience high nutritional value and a delicious drink. There are many different varieties and brands of Matcha on the market, which is why it is crucial to choose with care. But just how can you tell good Matcha from bad Matcha? Read on to discover everything you need to know.

When you receive your green tea Matcha, there are several qualities you can look at to determine whether you have invested in good quality Matcha or not. Of course, the most obvious characteristic will be the taste. Matcha should be delicious and have a naturally sweet flavour. If it doesn’t, you could have spent your money on Matcha that is past its prime or has not been produced in the correct manner. Another quality that the best Matcha has is a bright spring green colour. This shows that the leaves have been shaded correctly during growth and that all stems and veins have been discarded before the leaves were turned into powder. If you receive Matcha and it is a very dull and murky green, or even brownish or yellowish, you should send it back. In addition to this, the best Matcha will also be ground very finely and it will be silky to touch. If it isn’t, this is an indication that it has been pulverised using air pressure, which is not ideal. Last but not least, all Matcha should smell fresh and inviting. Does yours have a stale scent? If so, stems and branches have been included; it is past its prime, or both.

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